Tax Fraudster Hall of Shame

HMRC published its latest list of Deliberate Tax Defaulters today.  There are 72 businesses named and shamed.

As usual, the list seems to consist of small owner managed businesses.  Very few individuals (or company directors) are named: with generally only the business name appearing.  The businesses and individuals named on the list and the total tax and penalties (but not interest) they had to pay include the following:

• Robert Paul Hely, clothing designer, London W2, £225,000;
• Reshvinder Singh Sidhu, property developer, Slough, £155,000;
• Victoria Marie Rogers, animal boarding and care, Gloucester, £55,000;
• Saimar Qosja, electrician, Bristol, £177,000;
• Stuart watts, car sales, Grantham, £57,000;
• Abdul Ghalfa, taxi driver, chauffeur, takeaway, Holloway, £480,000;
• Ben McGill, roofing and building services, Dulwich, £207,000;
• Daniel Andrew Dyer, plasterer, Runcorn, £59,000;
• Balvinder Singh, property income, £47,000;
• Dr Peter Meissner, medical consultant, Dulwich, £61,000;
• David Blair Whitaker, trading as Rose and Crown, Clapham, £145,000;
• Mrs Caroline Jane Stibbs, entertainment services, Porth, £50,000;
• Paul Nicholas Monty, joinery installation, Milton Keynes, £115,000.
• Amjid Khan, clothes shop, Birmingham, £63,000.

HM Revenue & Customs are allowed to denounce “deliberate tax defaulters” in public following a tax enquiry where: the person has been charged penalties for deliberate errors and the additional tax is more than £25,000; unless the person has successfully persuaded the taxman that they have made a full and high-quality disclosure of any tax irregularities – leading to the minimum penalty allowed by law.

What does this mean for me?

Anyone subject to a tax enquiry or compliance check, or has any tax problems to disclose, risks being named and shamed.  However, it should be wholly exceptional for someone to be named if they are represented by experienced tax enquiry specialists.

How can Lynam Tax Investigation Specialists Help Me?

If you are suffering a tax investigation, or have any tax problems to confess to HMRC, then you should consult experts.  Lynam Tax Enquiry Experts’ vast experience can get you the best possible result, including keeping your name off the naughty list!

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